“Ding” in terms of personal behavior means that a man should be trustworthy in words and sincere to others. In terms of business conduct, the word indicates that promises should be kept as gold and profits made by honorable ways.

“Heng” for an individual means the balance well kept in physical and mental, and perfect equilibrium in deeds and acts, while for a businessman it also means the will to share benefits with his business partners and then a win-win situation reached through coexistence.

Despite matters such as the financial crisis, the hijack of pirates, and the continuous low market of the industry and so on, Dingheng, with tenacious willpower and remarkable concentration, has survived from all the hardship and life-or-death challenges, and time and time again turns the tide on the verge of despair. Going through all the difficulties, we are getting stronger and more creative than ever before. Today, our fleet is full of confidence navigating rough sea and sailing to Asia, Europe, America, and Africa, and trying to fulfill our solemn commitment to clients, employees, investors, partners and the society.

With the rapid development of petrochemical industry, accidents occur and influence get more severe than before. The bulk chemical waterway transportation, as an important and specialized chain of the industry, is calling for a higher standard for personal health and environmental safety. Measures already taken to prevent the accidents such as making rules and regulations, government monitoring and management etc. have been found not enough. It calls for deep and noble commitment  of the participants to the industry which is rooted in both personal character and the enterprise culture.

Dingheng has been committed to build an enterprise culture valued by the “Way of Gentleman” and the staff is requested to behave with "Honesty, Harmony and Kindness“. It is a firm belief that kindness is the initial cause for human behavior and then for the outcome of human behavior, and good will be rewarded with good, and evil with evil. Thus, Dingheng feels it a moral and even religious demand to account for safety and environment protection.

We always pursue to offer our clients the service or products with best cost performance. Whatever strategic steps we’ll take, our ultimate goal is to create more value for our clients with safe and quality ensured.

Such a goal is oriented in our enterprise vision-to be a company of 100 years. We consider it the only path for a company to offer service or products with good cost performance so that it can live long.

In order to reach the vision among competitors, we have to find ways to innovate in business model and enterprise management.

In respect of innovation in business model, taking advantages in fleet management, technical practice, market share, industry experience and business reputation, we can establish close cooperation between shipyards and manufacturers within the industry and share interests and risks to build series of high standard small to medium sized stainless steel chemical tankers. Such innovation can efficiently use the surplus production capacity of shipyards and the inventory of marine equipments and materials while the new-built vessels could be born with a perfect cost performance. Furthermore, it could turn the cash flow over through sale of the new-built when necessary for further shipbuilding projects.

In respect of innovation in enterprise management, we are engaged in building and continuously improving an internal system balanced between aspects of interests, among which interests of our clients, staff and partners are of priority to be ensured. A long-term and stable team of excellent employees is the key for the innovation of enterprise management and to motivate and train the staff team is one of the most important issue of the company. We have already set up a completed mechanism for staff motivation and training which has been proved workable during practice.

As heaven maintains vigor through movements, a gentleman should constantly strive for self-perfection. As earth's condition is receptive devotion, a gentleman should hold the outer world with broad mind. Dingheng has been guided by “Way of Gentleman” while the broad mind of gentlemen to hold the world and the good will to keep strength for self-perfection have already been rooted in our vein and blood. We regard morality as more important than life, and we do not hesitate to choose righteousness than benefit when unable to have them both. We have been well prepared to conquer any difficulty or challenge with our extraordinary confidence, courage and ability.

“Kindness” as the base, “Intelligence” as the method and “Courage” as the attitude incorporate the extraordinary moral character of Dingheng Team. With such born character and her belief, Dingheng Team and the fleet have already set sail, from the east where the sun rises, to make true her commitment and mission.