Dingheng Shipping plans to build more than 100 high standard medium and small-sized stainless steel chemical tankers(the size is from 2000dwt to15000dwt) in the following 10 years.

Depending on Dingheng Shipping, which is a professional shipping and ship management platform, by cooperation with the shipyards, equipment and material suppliers, together as an community to share the benefit and the risk, making full use of the China’s shipbuilding technology advantage, talent advantage and capital advantage; through design optimization, equipment configuration optimization and scale construction effect and so on, to implement high cost effective vessels and form an absolute competitive advantage worldwide, and in particular, which the ship can be sold at any time in the future will ensure the sustainability of the construction of the following ships. 
Based on Dingheng’s experience and understanding on the China-made equipment, make full use of the excess capacity and inventory equipment, we plan to use more China-made high quality marine equipment to further reduce the shipbuilding cost and future operational cost so that more benefits could be passed to the clients, and consolidate and expand our competitive advantage.
To support and help China-made equipment upgrade the comprehensive performance and be accepted by the world through the real ship operation, and to change the market situation which the main equipment of the ships is supplied by the developed countries, and to let China’s high quality equipment go to the world is our historical mission.
With the rapid advance of the “One Belt and One Road” strategy of China, Countries and regions along the routes will face unprecedented development opportunities; on the basis of the past experience, this will bring a rapid boom in the chemical industry and will create huge demand for the chemical transportation capacity, the vessels we will build will play an very important role and get the vast opportunities from the “One Belt and One Road” strategy based on the regional advantage、policy support advantage and cost-effective advantage and so on.