The Company’s top management firmly believes that in order to realize all the strategic goals already set up, the team including management and staff accounts the first on the list of all accounting elements. Taking this as a basic idea, the Company always regard it the most important job to build a staff team close to perfection.

The Company has adopted a motivation mechanism for both short and long term, including quarterly reward, monthly reward and stock-based incentive. It is expected that in the coming years, every 5% of the company stock per year could be released to staff as stock-based incentive, which will not only apply to shore-based personnel but also to crew to some amount.

In the area of crew team building, the Company has started even 10 years ago a targeted scheme and taken already practical measures. In 2007, it was the student talent program raised by the Company and cooperated with colleges that have prepared the present fleet with qualified crew and most of them have been backbones. Since then, the Company recruits annually dozens of outstanding graduates from university and colleges, as a result of which the crew team has been built in sound order, and been strong and stable at present.